The Little BIGFOOT Stilts

These are 6" tall BIGFOOT STILTS. Yes, they have the patented bending toes & patented "V" side pole construction. Cute aren't they?


This little boy on stilts reminds me of a clown convention where I was a vendor displaying & selling stilts. One clown named Gator, had brought his son to the convention. Durning the three days, to help entertain his son, & "promote my stilts" they stop by my booth in the morning each day and the boy would wear the stilts ALL DAY!! He wore them everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE!!
Gator told me about when his son had to go pee, he walked into the men's room, he almost automatically walked into a stall, but suddenly realized that now in his elevated state, he just might reach the urinal for the first time. He turned and stilted right up to the urinal, and when things measured up correctly, he shouted, "DAD DAD , I can reach the urinal". Gator was so proud, he turned on his camcorder & recorded his son's proudest moment.